How Much Can You Save?

with the RinseWell® Smart Eco Rinse

  1. Check your water-utility bill for your cost rate—in per gallon or per CCF*—and enter it in the appropriate field. You only need one or the other. And remember to add your water and sewer together.
  1. Select the type of operation closest to yours
  1. Enter your hours of operation per week
  1. Click to see your results


Std. Dipper WellRinseWell
Water use/mo. (gal)
Water use/yr. (gal)
Water cost/yr.

Net Annual Savings:
ROI (in months):

The results you get here assume your dipper well is running at a rate common for the type of operation you selected. In those cases, the RinseWell’s efficiency rate is known to be approximately:

  • 62% for an ice cream shop
  • 95% for a restaurant/bar
  • 85% for a coffee shop

If your efficiency rate is higher, your savings will be too.

*100 Cubic Feet