HICKSVILLE, Ohio—Through its new Global Solutions concept, Nemco Food Equipment is introducing to the broader foodservice industry an entire line of countertop equipment with an already decades-long reputation for quality and value among concessionaires.

Operators of restaurants, convenience stores, kiosks, food trucks and a wide range of other venues who typically buy through the foodservice dealer networks can now expand their snack-food menu with these new event-style machines.

Leading the way is Global Solutions’ arsenal of popcorn poppers, featuring a number of patented and other innovations, including kettle design-construction that optimizes performance and cleaning, the industry’s largest drive motors, clean-air discharge that filters all but the popcorn aroma, and an automatic kettle shutoff.

Global Solutions’ nacho cheese dispenser has programmable dispensing control, a peristaltic pump to dispense every last drop of cheese, a backup-bag pre-heat for higher volume rush times, and a design that completely isolates the cheese from making any contact with machine parts, virtually eliminating cleanup.

Also in the new concessions-equipment line is a stainless-steel hot fudge dispenser with lit graphics for added visual appeal and a compact snow-cone machine that’s a perfect entry-level model for both its output and its design features that minimize cleanup.  

For more information or to receive a FREE catalog, contact Nemco Food Equipment, Ltd., 301 Meuse Argonne, Hicksville, Ohio 43526. Call (800) 782-6761 or (419) 542-7751, fax (419) 542-6690 or visit www.nemcofoodequip.com.