HICKSVILLE, OHIO—Responding to foodservice’s rising demand for the Roma tomato, Nemco Food Equipment has introduced the latest in its arsenal of high-speed food-prep innovations—the specially designed Roma Tomato Slicer.

Given that the Roma’s oblong shape has proven problematic for kitchens trying to run it through Nemco’s original Easy Tomato Slicer, one major sandwich chain approached the countertop-equipment manufacturer for a new solution.

The result takes the original slicer’s design, which actuates by sliding a tomato horizontally through a blade set, and conceptually flips the design on its side, turning the pusher block into a Roma-friendly cradle and integrating the blades into a downward, vertical-slice handle.

Key to avoid crushing the Roma are Nemco’s super-sharp, stainless-steel scalloped blades, specified so as to pierce the tomato skin first, on the way to finishing a smooth, clean slice. The blades, just like in the Roma slicer’s predecessor, are pretensioned inside a cartridge-blade assembly, to maintain precise spacing that ensures a consistently uniform slice and prolongs blade life.

For cleaning or timely replacement, the blade assembly is easily removed with the simple pull of two pins. Likewise, the cradle also easily separates from the base. Overall, a tough, compact, extremely lightweight cast-aluminum frame makes it a breeze for the operator to set up in the most convenient space on the countertop, while suction-cup feet ensure that, once situated, the unit remains stable during use.

Nemco is a long-standing innovator in food-equipment design and manufacturing, specializing in the development of countertop equipment solutions that actualize new food concepts or address specific kitchen needs. Everything in the full Nemco line is made in the USA.

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