HICKSVILLE, Ohio—Nemco Food Equipment is announcing the next evolution in its cooking arsenal, after acquiring exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute a line of countertop induction cookers developed by Dipo Induction.

Nemco will have its first countertop induction cookers available to ship starting on November 1, 2015, and will soon thereafter manufacture all Dipo products in its Hicksville, Ohio, headquarters.

Induction-cooking technology uses a high-frequency magnetic field to turn metal cookware into the actual heating element, transferring heat into the food much more quickly and efficiently than conventional gas-flame or electric-coil range tops. Further, because the induction effect cooks without radiant heat, the glass surface of the range top remains relatively cool to the touch and plays no part in raising ambient kitchen temperatures.

Nemco is a long-standing innovator in food-equipment design and manufacturing, specializing in the development of countertop equipment solutions that actualize new food concepts or address specific kitchen needs. Everything in the full Nemco line is made in the USA.

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