HICKSVILLE, Ohio—With its four-decade-long reputation as a leader in manual countertop food-prep equipment firmly entrenched, Nemco Food Equipment is flipping the switch on a line of electric food processing units—giving operators the high-capacity option they need to maintain fresh-food appeal, even in the face of increasing labor concerns.

The line is ‘powered’ by a partnership with Sweden’s Hallde company—an electric food-prep machine manufacturer with a highly respected presence in international markets—and is set for an official launch at the upcoming NAFEM show in Orlando, where Nemco will be conducting equipment demonstrations in booth #1044.

Unlike any other machines in their class, Nemco’s new electric food processors are all engineered with an emphasis not solely on blade speed as a means to achieve high-capacity throughput but, rather, the right balance of speed and torque to also optimize food integrity and blade life.

The results, compared to alternative processors, include: cleaner, higher quality cuts, with more uniformity across a wider range of cut styles and thicknesses; higher quality blends with more consistency and no unwanted preheat from friction; and, in most cases, machines with at least double the service life.

“This partnership is exciting on both fronts,” explains Nemco president, Michelle Wibel. “Hallde’s superior performance quality and ROI is a perfect fit under our countertop-equipment brand umbrella, while our distribution and service network gives Hallde an immediate channel into the North American market. It’s a huge win–win.”  

First among the line is Nemco’s new vegetable-prep machines that can slice, dice, shred, grate, crinkle-cut and julienne virtually any produce or cheese item in an unprecedented range of thicknesses.

Meanwhile, Nemco’s vertical cutter blenders feature two speeds and the ability to chop, grind, mix, mince, puree or blend meats, fish, produce, nuts or nearly any other ingredient with impeccable consistency. A patented scraper system inside the unit is key, as it continually clears the rotating food away from the lid and bowl, forcing it back into the blades.

Finally, as the name implies, Nemco’s new combi cutters combine the capabilities of both the vegetable-prep and cutter-blender machines into one unit. To ensure perfect results, regardless of user experience, the combi cutters automatically apply the correct speed per the operation, with no manual settings required.

All of these Nemco food processors, powered by Hallde, have a stout, robust design, including an aluminum body, metal-to-metal contact points and other features specified for durability. That said, they’re also lightweight with handles for easy mobility and storage.

Likewise, in true Nemco fashion, the machines are all ergonomically user friendly with smart safety features for simple operation. Key components, including replacement blades, are easy to disassemble and dishwasher-safe.

About Nemco Food Equipment

Nemco is a long-standing innovator in food-equipment design and manufacturing, specializing in the development of countertop equipment solutions that actualize new food concepts or address specific kitchen needs.

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Unlike any other machines in their class, Nemco’s new electric food-processors apply the ideal combination of torque and speed to deliver a higher quality yield, in more variations, with longer performance life.