Nemco Introduces New Easy Chopper 3
Puts on a Clinic in User-Friendliness for More Speed, Durability 

HICKSVILLE, OHIO—Keeping in the spirit of its market-response ingenuity, Nemco Food Equipment has introduced a new generation in its already popular family of countertop chopping tools.

The new Easy Chopper 3 boasts the same size and all-in-one chop, slice and wedge versatility of its predecessor, the Chopper 2, with a number of customer-inspired design enhancements for even faster, easier operation and greater performance longevity.

At the core of these industry-first enhancements is the push block. In addition to now being color-coded per the cut size of the corresponding blade-set—thus making destructive mismatches near impossible—each push block also features an intriguing ‘gasket’ innovation that’s poised to be a labor-efficiency game changer.

The flexible gasket fits over the tooth-grid of the push block prior to chopping. Then, after a whirlwind of activity, the gasket easily comes off with an effortless pull of its two tabs, taking all the built-up food debris with it in one motion. In effect, the tedious picking associated with traditional chopping blocks is no longer a necessary evil and, instead, cleaning the Chopper 3 comes down to nothing more than a rinse, wash and sanitize.

Further, the Easy Chopper 3’s push blocks are also manufactured of a new heavy-duty nylon-based material that more stubbornly stands up to the tough, merciless environment indicative of a commercial kitchen.

Many of the staple features and benefits of the Chopper 2 remain, including a 41⁄4” cutting area for large vegetables, as well as a pretensioned slicing blade cartridge design, aluminum and stainless-steel construction and a sturdy-wide base now high enough to sprawl a 1⁄6- or 1⁄3-size six-inch deep food pan, or a two-quart round pan.

Nemco is a long-standing innovator in food-equipment design and manufacturing, specializing in the development of countertop equipment solutions that actualize new food concepts or address specific kitchen needs. Like nearly every product in the full Nemco line, the Easy Chopper 3 is made in the USA.

For more information or to receive a FREE catalog, contact Nemco Food Equipment, Ltd., 301 Meuse Argonne, Hicksville, Ohio 43526, (800) 782-6761 or (419) 542-7751, fax (419) 542-6690,