HICKSVILLE, OHIO—As foodservice operators scramble to maintain food quality, labor efficiency and customer satisfaction, particularly in the face of high employee turnover, Nemco Food Equipment’s latest countertop innovation makes it easy to bring even the most chaotic kitchen into order.

The TaskMaster, designed specifically for the commercial environment, is a programmable multi-channel timer that can store the timing protocols of up to 64 kitchen activities, with the ability—depending on the given model—to run as many as eight or 16 of these protocols simultaneously.

In effect, with the simple push of a button, kitchen employees have an electronic coach on hand, reliably reminding them precisely when to thaw the bread, lift the fries, turn the burgers, clean the bathrooms and perform whatever other tasks punctuate the daily routine.

The timer features a volume-adjustable alert—field tested to easily be heard without being unpleasant—and a large-font LCD display that clearly tells the staff what action to take when the alert sounds.

Square and compact, with wall-mounting brackets available, the TaskMaster can situate wherever the kitchen finds it most convenient. Stainless-steel construction and a seamless control-panel overlay make cleanup a cinch.

Nemco is a long-standing innovator in food-equipment design and manufacturing, specializing in the development of countertop equipment solutions that actualize new food concepts or address specific kitchen needs. Everything in the full Nemco line is made in the USA.

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