The opportunity to create something new and actualize an idea is always exciting. It’s been the fuel in Nemco’s engine of innovation for decades.

Every project is unique, but each unfolds according to this highly collaborative, thorough and transparent process.

Through it all, the process is:

  • Structured in a phased approach, maturing the design of the equipment at your pace, whether on a short timeline or a longer, large program initiative.
  • Built on the foundations of continuous improvement incorporating many best practices, such as Set-Based Design, Andon, cross-functional integration and waste elimination.

Nemco sales management asks you the high-level questions, such as:

  • What, when and how many do you need?
  • Is it like anything else on the market, or is it a completely new idea?
  • Will it be an improvement on existing equipment or an original build?

Nemco's engineers get involved and work closely with you to establish a full-scale assessment of your product's application and performance requirements. You sign off on this assessment phase.

The Nemco team explores multiple product concepts.  You sign off on the design.  The team, then, conducts extensive testing and rapid prototyping, consulting with you along the way to identify the very best equipment solution.

With the design concept established, Nemco conducts more testing to optimize performance and manufacturability on the path to final design approval, then, writes a project plan to begin the production phase.

Nemco specifies the materials and the manufacturing SOP.  When you sign off with an order commitment, Nemco acquires the tooling, materials and the necessary domestic and international agency approvals, and production is underway!