Nemco Food Equipment is best known for being an innovator of new equipment solutions that make the otherwise labor-intensive preparation of signature menu items faster and more cost-efficient.  

In addition to its flagship food-prep equipment line, Nemco continues to develop, manufacture and market other countertop solutions in hot-dog cooking equipment, food-merchandising equipment, and food-holding equipment, along with those in its line of ovens, toasters, boiling units, waffle and cone bakers, industrial food-waste disposers and more.

Most recently, the company has launched such breakthrough innovations as the amazing energy-saving line of induction ranges and the dynamic Global Solutions line of countertop food equipment from some of the most reputable OEMs around the world.

Since the day Nemco developed an equipment prototype per the unique request of its first foodservice customer in the early 1980s, the company has been a market-driven manufacturer. Today, under the leadership of Kenny Moffat, CEO and Michelle Wibel, President, Nemco continues to collaborate with customers in new product development, including many corporate-level executives at some of the most successful brands in restaurant food service, food retail, convenience-store service, concessions, and other food-industry niche segments.

Plus, through its Quality Redefined initiative, Nemco is placing an even higher value on customer feedback for the role it plays in Nemco’s continuous product and service improvement.

NEMCO is Established

In 1976, with help from his brother Gene and father Earl, Ed Neidhardt established a small machine shop in Hicksville, Ohio, and named it NEMCO as an acronym for Neidhardt Engineering and Manufacturing Company.

In those early years, a local eatery owner approached Ed with a need for a device that would simplify the process of cutting potatoes into his signature curly-shaped French fries.

Introducing the Spiral Fry

Soon thereafter, in 1981, Nemco officially introduced to the foodservice market, its first food-prep equipment product, the Spiral Fry. Other foodservice-market needs inspired many more innovations and, by 1988, when Nemco saw its first major facility expansion, the company had truly evolved from a machine shop to a “manufacturer of food equipment.”

Expansions & Acquisitions Begin

Further expansions and product introductions followed leading up to Nemco’s first acquisition in 1993. With the purchase of F.E.I. Industries, the company added a new line of food-warming equipment.

In 1995, Nemco’s product offering expanded again with a line of waffle and cone bakers. Still more new products came online in 1997 with several countertop food cookers, merchandisers and display units, along with the Busboy food-waste disposer.

A Food Prep Game Changer

In 2001, Nemco diversified its food-prep equipment offering with the acquisition of Blue Point, the original manufacturer of two innovative seafood-prep units, the ProShucker® Power Shell Separator™ and ShrimpPro 2000® Power Shrimp Cutter and Deveiner.™    

A year later, in 2002, Nemco completed a very impactful acquisition, purchasing the extremely well-known, original Roll-A-Grill line of hot-dog cooking equipment and accessories from Connolly.

That same year, Nemco leadership changed hands in the family when Kenny Moffatt, the founder’s son-in-law, became Chief Executive Officer.

Up through 2007, the company went on to introduce a food-prep equipment game changer with the development of its pretensioned blade cartridge concept. Integrated into several of its already popular cutting tools, the cartridge redefined Nemco’s Easy Chopper, Easy Tomato Slicer and Easy Onion Slicer by dramatically improving cutting precision, blade life and user safety.

In 2008, with another acquisition, Nemco augmented its food-merchandising equipment capabilities, particularly with respect to graphics customization.

New West Coast Warehouse

Then, in 2010, the food-merchandising line also saw the next of Nemco’s innovation hallmarks. The Dual Shelf Merchandiser became the first equipment unit of its kind, able to showcase hot foods in an open-access display and, in doing so, hold them at optimum serving temperatures for several hours—beating the competition in holding quality and length of time.

A year later, in 2011, Nemco opened its new 5,000 square-foot West Coast warehouse distribution center in Arizona, extending its rapid-response order-and-service fulfillment capabilities to foodservice customers across the country.

An Industrial Design Focus

The growth that followed allowed Nemco to, then, move this West Coast operation into a new 23,000 square-foot facility in the fall of 2013.

In the next few years, Nemco shifted its product development into overdrive, unveiling a number of new merchandisers, roller grills and strip heaters, among other innovations, while also expanding its engineering department into its own dedicated R&D facility.

Still more groundbreaking equipment innovations hit the market from 2014, including the thermoelectric, refrigerant-free Cold Condiment Chiller, the chaotic-kitchen-taming TaskMaster timer and the game-changing PaniniPro™ sandwich press.

At the same time, Nemco began turning inward with an industrial-design mentality to improve upon existing products, which yielded, for example, an even smarter and more labor-efficient Easy Chopper 3 in 2015.

That same year Nemco leadership promoted Michelle Wibel to president, after she had served various sales and marketing roles in her 18 years at Nemco.

Innovative Solutions

By 2017, the innovation evolution began making an even broader-scope impact on the industry—and the planet—with the release of Induction Ranges.

Nemco’s Induction Ranges are three times more cooking-energy efficient than gas.

Yet, with its Continuous Field™ technology, Nemco’s induction allows chefs to temporarily lift cookware off the range without breaking the magnetic field that keeps the cookware active. Thus, operators can profit from induction’s energy savings, without asking their chefs to give up all their preferred gas-cooking techniques.

Introducing Global Solutions

2017 also marked the launch of Nemco’s Global Solutions line that features products sourced from some of the most established food equipment OEMs in the world, as well as the Journeyman™ line of economy food prep equipment.

Today, the wheels of product design and development continue to turn, as Nemco’s current catalog boasts more than 100 different foodservice countertop innovations stocked in Ohio, Arizona, Canada and Belgium, and sold in more than 30 countries around the world.