Suspended Infrared Bulb Warmers - Suspended Bar-Chain Hung

NEMCO’s Suspended Bulb Warmers let you incorporate convenience and style throughout your service area.  Suspension bar models are chain hung and come with multiple bulb options.  White, 250-watt infrared bulbs standard.  Red, 250-watt infrared bulbs and white, shatter-resistant 250-watt bulbs also available. All 6006 models must be hardwired.

Key Features
  • Multiple bulb models available
  • 6-foot suspension cord, 4-foot suspension tube or chain hung depending on model
  • Available with clear, red or shatter-resistant bulbs
  • Easier to clean than competitive units because of the finish
Suggested Uses
For permanent serving lines, such as those in cafeterias and institutional settings, suspended bulb warmers keep fresh baked goods, finger foods, and plated foods warm and appetizing.
Model #DescriptionVoltsWattsAmps

Single-Row Suspension Bar, 2 Bulb Heat Lamp

6006-3Single-Row Suspension Bar, 3 Bulb Heat Lamp1207506.3
6006-4Single-Row Suspension Bar, 4 Bulb Heat Lamp12010008.3
6006-5Single-Row Suspension Bar, 5 Bulb Heat Lamp120125010.4
6006-6Single-Row Suspension Bar, 6 Bulb Heat Lamp120150012.5
6006-7Single-Row Suspension Bar, 7 Bulb Heat Lamp120175014.6
6006-8Single-Row Suspension Bar, 8 Bulb Heat Lamp120200016.7