Super Shot Counter Top Steamer

Model: 6600

This powerful little appliance could wind up being one of the most versatile tools in your entire kitchen. Using super-hot steam - hotter than 212°F - the Super Shot reheats foods and restores their fresh-made flavor in seconds! Make day-old bread, buns, and baked goods taste like they just came from the oven. It’s ridiculously easy to operate. Simply plug it into a standard outlet, fill the reservoir with tap water, then use the push button to deliver a pulse of amazing steam.

Key Features
  • Illuminated on/off rocker switch indicates when the unit is activated
  • Constructed of aluminum and stainless steel components
  • Materials and design make cleaning a snap
  • Uses half-size steam table pan
Suggested Uses
The Super Shot is primed for virtually any cold foods you want to zap into a hot, fresh, plate-Ready state-instantly! Ideal for buns, rolls, bread, and other baked goods, and just perfect for tortillas. Also great for melting cheese.
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Super Shot Countertop Steamer