ShrimpPro 2000® Power Shrimp Cutter & Deveiner™

Keep pace with the demand of your hungriest shrimp lovers! In just one hour, the ShrimpPro instantly and consistently deveins, cuts, butterflies or splits up to 6,000 shrimp! Operators can hand-feed or attach the feeder tray for higher volumes.  Either way, the ShrimpPro does all the work with virtually no risk of injury. Compact, portable design saves space and makes for easy storage. ShrimpPrep is specially designed to operate with your existing Robot Coupe™ food processor.

Key Features
  • Labor saving
  • Time Saving - de-vein 4,000 - 6,000 shrimp per hour
  • Consistent cut size
  • Versatile: easy to adjust for small, medium, or large shrimp
  • Small footprint
  • Heavy duty workstation available for processing
Suggested Uses
The ShrimpPro is the perfect answer for uniform deveining and butterflying shrimp for seafood bars and buffets, Asian stir-fry restaurants, caterers, and other seafood specialty restaurants and retailers.The ShrimpPrep is ideal for low- to medium-volume seafood operators.
Model #DescriptionReplacement BladesVolts


ShrimpPro® (2000)

55950ShrimpPrep® (RC-2001)55977120
55925-230ShrimpPro® (2000) 230V, CE55977230
Model #
Parts & Accessories
Model #: 56004
Description: ShrimpPro® Feeder Tray
Model #: 55991
Description: ShrimpPrep® Feeder Tray

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