Round Cooker Warmers

Designed for versatility in a wide range of sizes, NEMCO countertop cookers and warmers add flexibility while helping you keep food within cooking and serving best practices. Unique heating element design provides even distribution to prevent "hot spots."  Twin warmers have separate thermostats and balanced heat systems for maximum control and convenience. Stainless steel construction—including new stainless steel wells—ensures durability, prevents pitting and staining, and resists caustic detergents, hard water, and corrosion. Models also available with inset, ladle, and cover included.

NEMCO's Round Cookers & Warmers are listed to NSF/ANSI Standard 4, the "commercial cooking, rethermalization, and powered hot food holding and transport equipment" standard. And our Round Cookers & Warmers meet NSF section 6.3 and are considered "Rethermalization Equipment."


Key Features
  • Durable, stainless steel wells
  • Fast preheat
  • Available as warmers and cooker/warmers
  • Tubular heating elements
  • Conduction type thermostat
  • Choose models with or without inset, cover, and ladle
Suggested Uses
Attractive enough for serving lines, round warmers keep soups, gravies, BBQ sauce, hot dressings, and dessert toppings for the back bar too.
Model #DescriptionVoltsWattsAmpsHzSize (W x D x H)Plug Configuration


7-Quart Round Cooker / Warmer

12010508.86010" x - x 9 5/8"NEMA 5-15P
6102A-ICL7-Quart Round Cooker / Warmer w/Inset, Cover & Ladle12010508.86010" x - x 13 1/2"NEMA 5-15P
6102A-2207-Quart Round Cooker / Warmer22010504.86010" x - x  9 5/8"NEMA 6-15P
6102A-230*7-Quart Round Cooker / Warmer23010504.65010" x - x  9 5/8"SCHUKO CEE-7-7
6102A-ICL-2207-Quart Round Cooker / Warmer w/Inset, Cover & Ladle22010504.86010" x - x 13 1/2NEMA 6-15P
6103A11-Quart Round Cooker / Warmer120125010.46012 1/2" x - x 9 5/8"NEMA 5-15P
6103A-ICL11-Quart Round Cooker / Warmer w/Inset, Cover & Ladle120125010.46012 1/2" x - x 13 1/2"NEMA 5-15P
6103A-22011-Quart Round Cooker / Warmer 22012505.76012 1/2" x - x 9 5/8"NEMA 6-15P
6103A-230*11-Quart Round Cooker / Warmer23012505.45012 1/2" x - x 9 5/8"SCHUKO CEE-7-7
6103A-ICL-22011-Quart Round Cooker / Warmer w/Inset, Cover & Ladle22012505.76012 1/2" x - x13 1/2"NEMA 6-15P
6120A-CW4-Quart Cooker / Warmer, Twin Well12010008.36018 1/2" x 10" x 9 7/8"NEMA 5-15P
6120A-CW-ICL4-Quart Cooker / Warmer, Twin Well w/Inset, Cover & Ladle12010008.36018 1/2" x 10" x 13 1/2"NEMA 5-15P
Model #
Parts & Accessories
Model #: 66088-2
Description: Inset, Cover and Ladle Set (4 quart) - Fits models 6110A & 6120A
Model #: 66088-8
Description: Inset, Cover and Ladle Set (7 quart) - Fits models 6100A & 6102A
Model #: 66088-10
Description: Inset, Cover and Ladle Set (11 quart) - Fits models 6101A & 6103A

Attention CA Residents:

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