Rinsewell® Smart Eco Rinse

Model: 3000

Add HUGE utility-cost savings to your bottom line and optimize product quality with the first and only smart dipper well controller that maintains clean, sanitized utensils without heat or constantly flowing water!

RinseWell. Cleans Great!

Install this ingenious dipper-well technology in your ice cream operation, bar or coffee shop and everyone will reap the benefits.

For your pocket: Enormous water and energy savings!
For your staff: A cooler, safer utensil-cleaning process!
For your customers: A better product! 
For the record: 99.99% pathogen-free sanitation!

You’re About to Enter the Aqueous O-Zone

Until now, meeting health-code regulations meant you had two dipper-well sanitation options—a marginally effective, extremely wasteful, continual  water-flow system, or an ice-cream melting, burn-risky, thermal system.

The RinseWell’s patent technology, featuring a chemical-free process of sanitation involving aqueous ozone, eliminates all those drawbacks.

  1. When idle, the well’s water is constantly re-circulated, while the aqueous ozone continually sanitizes.
  2. When utensils are used, then returned to the well, advanced optics detect the increased turbidity of the water, at which point the system automatically replenishes the well with fresh water until clear again.
  3. All of this occurs using cool water, not 140°F hot water notorious for splashburning staff and heating up utensils that melt the ice cream while scooping.
  4. Total automation means no manual well draining or refill, so customer service never misses a beat.



Key Features
  • The RinseWell is easy to install, easy to use, compact and discreetly mounted under the counter, below the dipper well. 
  • It’s a simple plug-and-play system that integrates with your existing dipper well—saving money, hassle and landfill waste.
  • Onboard electronics and programmable logic control allow for customization  of system functions.
  • Built-in analytics provide water usage/savings and component end-of-life data.
  • Features single push-button operation.
Suggested Uses
Perfect for keeping utensils clean at ice cream, coffee, and sandwich shops as well as bars and restaurants.
Model #DescriptionVoltsAmpsConnectivitySize (WxDxH)


Smart Eco-Rinse, w/7" Spade Well

1201.5Ethernet9"x 12"x 3"
3000-10Smart Eco-Rinse, w/10" Spade Well1201.5Ethernet9"x 12"x 3"
3000-13Smart Eco-Rinse, w/13" Spade Well1201.5Ethernet9"x 12"x 3"
3000-19Smart Eco-Rinse, w/19" Spade Well1201.5Ethernet9"x 12"x 3"
3005-606Smart Eco-Rinse, w/6" Round Dip Well1201.5Ethernet9"x 12"x 3"