ProShucker® Power Shell Separator™

Model: 55900

The ProShucker quickly and cleanly opens up to a dozen oysters a minute with virtually 0% risk and 100% yield. A dull threaded bit gently pries open the shell. Works fast and evacuates all mud and shell fragments so you get maximum meat yield with minimum contamination. Best of all, the ProShucker is so easy to use, it requires almost no training.

Key Features
  • 100% yield - leaves oyster with liquid intact for oyster connoisseurs!
  • Opens oyster and draws shell fragments and mud away from meat
  • Fast, shucks up to 12 per minute
  • Labor Saving
  • Safe with harmless dulled auger bit
  • Opens any species of oyster
Suggested Uses
Perfect for restaurants with oyster bars and seafood buffets, as well as catering operations and supermarkets.
Model #Description
55900Proshucker (PSS-100)
55900-230Proshucker (PSS-100) 230V, CE (Dual 50/60Hz)
Model #
Parts & Accessories
Model #: 55957
Description: Replacement Bit (3 pack)
Model #: 46952
Description: Foot Pedal