GS Manual Multipurpose Ovens

Model: GS1010, GS1015

This is an ideal solution for expanding cooking capabilities in a kitchen where space is a premium. Manual operation allows for the full spectrum of temperature versatility. Rapid heating and recovery also make this a perfect appliance for on-demand cooking. 


Key Features
    Suggested Uses
    Ideal for reheating foods in snack bars, taverns, concession stands and other retail operations. They're perfect for reheating pizza, cookies, pastries, rolls, fresh breads, pies, toasted sandwiches and all sorts of other precooked items.
    Model #DescriptionSize (W x D x H)VoltsWattsAmps


    Multipurpose Oven, w/Timer, Manual 17" 


    23 5/8" x 19 1/2" x 10 1/4"120170014.2


    Multipurpose Oven, w/oTimer, Manual 13" 


    218" x 15" x 7 3/4"120145012