Heated Snack Merchandiser

Model: 6457

Nothing generates more profitable add-on impulse sales than warm, fresh food that smells irresistible, looks superb and catches the eye! The NEMCO Heated Snack Merchandiser delivers on all three counts.  Incredibly space-efficient, the Heated Snack Merchandiser has a compact footprint that will fit virtually anywhere on your counter, so it can be in the right place at the right time.  Plus, for lasting performance, its construction features: stainless steel frame and tempered glass, an impact-resistant polycarbonate door, and heating elements made of Incoloy® nickel-based metal for high temperature corrosion resistance.

Key Features
  • Small footprint (1.36 sq. ft.)
  • Sturdy stainless steel and tempered glass construction
  • Polycarbonate door resists scratches
  • Convection fan for even air and heat circulation
  • 2 each 13-inch X 14 ΒΌ-inch shelves
  • Multi-position shelves slant toward customer traffic for merchandising
  • Also available as a pass-through model
Suggested Uses
Ideal for all kinds of sandwiches, donuts, baked goods, concession-type snack items, and other warm fresh made foods.