Grab ‘n Go Open Merchandiser

Model: 6655

“Compact” doesn’t begin to describe the Grab ’n Go. This one-of-a-kind merchandiser is specially designed with a narrow, vertical frame that, just like a book on a bookshelf, slides right into place on even the most congested checkout counters. Clear paneling, interior lighting and heated, angled shelves with interchangeable magnetic graphics showcase the food beautifully. Polycarbonate materials, stainless-steel construction and a powder-coat finish add durability.

Key Features
  • Black powder coat
  • Wire racks keeps food from direct contact with shelves, optimizing food quality
  • ¼-inch thick polycarbonate panels for durability
  • Food ID magnets affix to each shelf face
  • ½-inch rubber feet
  • Shelf stops prevent food from sliding forward
  • Recessed door (backside) with sleek radiused handle
Suggested Uses
NEMCO’s Grab ‘n Go Merchandiser is a hot sales solutions for convenience stores, concession stands, kiosk, clubhouses, snack shops, and other high-traffic retail operations short on space. Great for holding and showcasing pre-wrapped sandwiches, muffins, cookies, pastries, and other on-the-go favorites.