Model: 6625B

Instantly thermalize your precooked and frozen baked goods, meats, seafood, veggies, pasta, and more with the reliable and super easy-to-use Fresh-O-Matic by NEMCO! When it comes to food quality, you can’t beat fresh-made. But with the Fresh-O-Matic, you can match it. That’s because the Fresh-O-Matic uses super-hot steam – hotter than 212˚F - to instantly return moist heat to cold, precooked, even day-old foods! The Fresh-O-Matic is fast and so very easy – just push the button to actuate and deliver precisely the right measure of steam.

Updated! - Controls and indicator lights for more reliability and convenience!

New! - Sealed, high-heat-resistant water reservoir is seamless - has no welded tank that might eventually leak.


Key Features
  • Simplistic electronic control panel
  • Highly visible indicator lights
  • 100+ cubic-inch well holds just about any dish, even multiple servings
  • Stainless steel outer wrap
Suggested Uses
There isn’t enough space to cover it all. The Fresh-O-Matic by NEMCO can heat, refresh, and serve hundreds of piping hot foods, from blueberry muffins, to beef stew, to Mexican burritos, to lobster dinners. You name it. If it’s leftover or frozen, it can taste like it’s freshly cooked once again.
Model #Description

Side (W x D x H)



16 1/2" x 12" x 11 5/8"