Free Standing Infrared Bulb Warmers - Portable Counter Units

NEMCO freestanding infrared bulb warmers hold baked, fried, steamed or broiled foods at ready-to-eat temperatures and still keep the food’s appetizing appearance over time. Attractive, classic reflector hood design blends easily with every interior style.  Custom configurations available with colored reflector hoods.  White, 250-watt infrared bulbs standard.  Red, 250-watt infrared bulbs and white, shatter-resistant 250-watt bulbs also available.


Key Features
  • Many styles and configurations to choose from
  • Durable, scratch-resistant finish on hoods and base
  • A variety of hood colors available
  • Available with clear, red or shatter-resistant bulbs
  • Easier to clean than competitive units because of finish
Suggested Uses
Keep plated foods at proper serving temperatures, including pies, puddings, breads, rolls, bagels and other baked goods. Also great for hot appetizers and side dishes, such as chicken fingers, french fries, poppers, and fried shrimp.
Model #DescriptionVoltsWattsAmps


Single-Bulb Heat Lamp

6000A-1A&Single-Bulb Heat Lamp-Compact1202502.1
6000A-2*Two-Bulb Heat Lamp1205004.2
6000A-2B*Two-Bulb Heat Lamp, Black Finish1205004.2
6000A-2TP*Two-Bulb Heat Lamp W/ Pan & Screen Set1205004.2
6000A-3*Three-Bulb Heat Lamp1207506.3
6008-2Portable Counter Unit, Two-Bulb Heat Lamp1205004.2
6008-3Portable Counter Unit, Three-Bulb Heat Lamp1207506.3
6008-4Portable Counter Unit, Four-Bulb Heat Lamp12010008.3
6008-5Portable Counter Unit, Five-Bulb Heat Lamp120125010.4
6008-6Portable Counter Unit, Six-Bulb Heat Lamp120150012.5
6008-7Portable Counter Unit, Seven-Bulb Heat Lamp120175014.6
6008-8Portable Counter Unit, Eight-Bulb Heat Lamp120200016.7
6009-2*Portable Counter Unit With Tray, Two-Bulb Heat Lamp1205004.2
6009-3*Portable Counter Unit With Tray, Three-Bulb Heat Lamp1207506.3
6009-4*Portable Counter Unit With Tray, Four-Bulb Heat Lamp12010008.3
6009-5*Portable Counter Unit With Tray, Five-Bulb Heat Lamp120125010.4
6009-6*Portable Counter Unit With Tray, Six-Bulb Heat Lamp120150012.5
Model #
Parts & Accessories
Model #: 66089
Description: Pan and Screen Set
Model #: 66091
Description: Tray for 6000A-1 & 2
Model #: 66103
Description: Case of 12, 250-Watt Bulbs (White)
Model #: 66104
Description: Case of 12, 250-Watt Bulbs (Red)
Model #: 66118
Description: Case of 12, 250-Watt Bulbs (White, Shatter-Resistant)