Easy Tuna Press™

Model: 55800

Removes excess water from canned tuna quickly and easily for better food quality.  Sandwiches and salads stay fresh longer, retain a more appetizing appearance because extra water that causes soggy bread and lettuce is completely removed. Holds one 64-ounce foodservice-sized can.

Key Features
  • Drains the water from a 64 oz. foodservice tuna can in less than 3 minutes
  • Designed to attach to most food preparation sinks
  • Stainless-steel handle takes little effort to apply serious pressure
  • Cast-aluminum body stands up to the rigors of any commercial kitchen
  • Suction cups add stability when in use; easy maneuverability when not
Suggested Uses
When salads, sandwiches and other chunk-tuna favorites are on the menu - and soggy bread and lettuce are not - this is the labor-saving tool to have on hand.