Easy Pineapple Corer/Peeler

Model: 55775

Take all the labor out of prepping a pineapple.  NEMCO’s latest countertop innovation completely removes the core and peel with one simple pull of its easy-action, top-down lever. Saves time, effort and food waste. A locking mechanism keeps the handle/blade in the up position while loading a pineapple. Tough aluminum and stainless steel construction and easy disassembly for cleaning extend the life of the unit for great return on investment.

Key Features
  • Top-down drive and ergonomic handle take the work out of cutting
  • Blades are durable stainless steel and easily replaced by removing six screws
  • Suction cups prevent slipping
Suggested Uses
Is the perfect tool for fast-paced, high-volume kitchens looking to capitalize on the popularity of this perfect fruit. Great for operations that use pineapple for sauces, baked goods, salad bars, hams, exotic pizza toppings, and more.
Model #DescriptionReplacement Blades

Pineapple Corer / Peeler, 3 1/2"

56511 Peeler Blade
55775-1Pineapple Corer / Peeler, 4"56511-1 Peeler Blade