Easy LettuceKutter™

Model: 55650

Cut mounds of crisp, fresh lettuce in seconds. Process a whole head of cored lettuce at a time. Scalloped blades and clean slicing action cut one-inch squares with no crushing and no bruising.  Interlocked blades avoid flexing.   Replaceable blades for long life; no tensioning required.  Cleanup is easy.  Just pull one pin to remove pusher block.  Clip-on blade assembly lifts out easily.  Angled, cast aluminum legs with no-slip feet provide stable cutting platform. Manual locking pin keeps pusher block safely in place until operator releases for cutting. Slicing blade assembly also available, 55650-CS can be used to slice cooked chicken for wrap sandwiches and salads.

Easy LettuceKutter™ Support Board w/Opening 

NSF polypropylene support board with opening fits securely over 20- and 32-gallon lettuce keeper containers. Also holds other lettuce-cutting machines.

Key Features
  • Cut a case of cored lettuce in less than 3 minutes
  • Only lettuce cutter on the market that blade and pusher head comes apart for cleaning without tools
  • Available in 1-inch squares, 1/2-inch squares, 3/4-inch squares, 2-inch squares, 1-inch x 2-inch rectangles, 3/8-inch slices, 1/2-inch slices
  • Scalloped blade edges allows for cleaner cuts and no crushing or bruising - lettuce stays fresh longer with no browning
Suggested Uses
Ideal for chopping iceberg and other lettuces, as well as slicing melons for fruit trays. Also slices lettuce for tacos, subs, and other sandwiches, and cooked chicken for wraps and salads.
Model #DescriptionBlade AssemblyReplacement Blades


Easy LettuceKutter 1"x1" square

55650-1Easy LettuceKutter 1/2" Slices


55650-2Easy LettuceKutter For Romaine Lettuce55485-255470-2
55650-3Easy LettuceKutter 1/2"x1/2"5592455923
55650-4Easy LettuceKutter 2"x2" square------
55650-6Easy LettuceKutter 3/4"x3/4"55485-655470-6
55650-CSEasy LettuceKutter - Chicken Slicer 3/8" Slices55882 
Model #
Parts & Accessories
Model #: 55490
Description: Lettuce Corer
Model #: 55491
Description: Easy LettuceKutter Support Board w/Opening

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