Drop-In Warmer Remote

Model: 9101 / 9101-1

Nemco’s users can hold cooked foods at the desired serving temperatures, using less energy!  Eliminate the danger of open flame gel fuels on the buffet line.  Eliminate the labor and waste associated with gel fuels.  Eliminate putting partially used gel fuel cans in the landfills.  Gently keep foods at temperature with no danger of scorching or burning.

Key Features
  • Separately mounted control module for added protection against unwanted setting changes.
  • Easily choose from 7 warm/hold settings to keep foods at desired temperature. Unaffected by ambient temperature or wind.
  • Highest available impact resistance glass over that of other induction units on the market.
  • Patented electronics system ensures consistent power output under all conditions.
  • Easy to clean glass surface remains relatively cool to the touch and, therefore, minimizes the risk of burning an employee or starting a fire.
Suggested Uses
Keep food hot on Buffet lines, at Restaurants, Pubs, Hotels, Casinos, Stadium Suites and Country Clubs.