Cold Condiment Stations

Model: 9010 / 9015

No, really.  Hold the mayo, the coleslaw, the potato salad or virtually any chilled customer favorites in a self-serve or other open-display application with Nemco’s latest countertop equipment innovation!  The Cold Condiment Station has all the features you need to consistently hold chilled, even potentially hazardous, foods at safe temperatures.  Unlike any other countertop chilling option, Nemco’s Station features electronic thermostat control with a digital display that allows for quick, easy and accurate temperature adjustment – no turning screw on mechanical thermostats, and no guesswork.  The Cold Condiment Station stands up to the unforgiving use of customer self-serve – even in the busiest C-stores, serving lines and operations.

Key Features
  • Smaller, more efficient 1/8 hp condenser uses less refrigerant and less energy than conventional units
  • Digital thermostat control and display (with C° and F°) easily enables employees to monitor and adjust the temperature
  • Two 1/3-size cast-aluminum wells easily accommodate four – 1/6-size plastic pans
  • 430 stainless-steel exterior
  • Powder-coated top
  • ½” adjustable feet
Suggested Uses
Nemco’s Cold Condiment Station is a must-have accessory on any C-store self-serve island for its NSF-approved ability to keep mayo, relish, onions, pickles, salsa, tomatoes and other “refrigerate-after-opening” items fresh. It’s also ideal for buffet lines, salad bars and other applications where potato, pasta and bean salads, puddings and other refrigerated foods remain out on display. For that matter, it’s also great for applications that include ice cream, yogurt and smoothie shoppes that display fresh berries and fruit.
Model #Description

Size (W x D x H)

9010Station, 4–1/6 Plastic
pans w/ Clear Hinged Lids, Horizontal Wells

17 7/8” x 28” x 11 3/4”

9015Station w/4–1/6 Plastic Pans w/Clear Hinged Lids, Vertical Wells20 1/16" x 28 3/16" x 11/ 3/4"1202552.1