Get the Torque Advantage–

ONLY in a Nemco powered by Hallde

For high-capacity food prep’s most amazing flavor profiles, presentation and equipment ROI, other “leading” food processors just won’t cut it.

While they’re pushing horsepower and speed, only Nemco is talking torque.

FACT: Speed Assaults Food
Torque Tastes Better

High speed will produce a clean cut—as long as the machine’s brand new. But, within months, that speed dulls the blades and starts tearing the food.

Nemco’s Torque Advantage cuts cleanly at a slower speed, maintaining optimum food integrity, flavor and appearance for years.

FACT: Speed Is Reckless
Torque Stays True

High speed needs time to accelerate—which is difficult when trying to power through, say, a tomato. The tomato bounces. The blades struggle. The cuts vary, and the flesh can tear.

With the Torque Advantage, Nemco hits top speed right away, and maintains that speed regardless of the load, for a more uniform, consistently precise cut.

FACT: Speed Causes Damaging Friction
Torque Plays it Cool

When grinding or blending, high-speed blades alone push and “chase” product around the bowl, generating friction that preheats and degrades the food.

Nemco’s Torque Advantage, with a patented scraper system, uses less energy to power through the food. The scraper forces food towards the blade, leaving a perfectly consistent texture and higher flavor integrity.

FACT: Speed Cramps Your Menu Style
Torque Works Magic

When speed must compensate for a lack of drive power, the blades are limited in the type of cuts they can produce.

With the Torque Advantage, Nemco offers more cutting variations—like the ultra-thin slices shown—than any other commercial food processor on the market.