Carving Station Bulb Warmer

Attractive carving station combines the heat of a 250-watt infrared bulb with a convenient, functional, USDA high density polyethylene cutting board, so you can keep all of your carvable meats at ready-to-eat temperatures. Wooden carving board also available.  Adjustable, 30-inch high, flexible gooseneck. Cutting board detaches for easy cleanup.

Key Features
  • Durable, scratch-resistant finish on hoods
  • Comes with a carving board or polyethylene board
  • Available with clear, red or shatter-resistant bulbs
  • Easier to clean than competitive units because of the finish
Suggested Uses
The perfect choice for serving moist, juicy slices of roast beef, prime rib, turkey, ham, leg of lamb, and other large cuts at buffets and server stations.
Model #DescriptionVoltsWattsAmps


Single-Bulb, Carving Station W/Flex Mount Lamp (polyethelene base)


Single-Bulb, Carving Station W/Flex Mount Lamp (polyethelene base) Deeper Grooved Base, heat lamp centered

6016Single-Bulb, Carving Station W/Flex Mount Lamp Wood Base1202502.1